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How to Use META1 Coin to Escape the Corrupt Financial System?

How to Use META1 Coin to Escape the Corrupt Financial System

The creation of Bitcoin marked a monumental shift in the way people think about money. For the first time in history, technology made it possible to separate government and money. Bitcoin showed the world that it’s possible to operate a monetary system that is more decentralized, open, and transparent. Now, META1 builds on Bitcoin’s quest to free humanity from the shackles of a corrupt financial system.

While Bitcoin proved the concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, it wasn’t without its flaws. For one, the network is incredibly power-hungry to maintain and operate. Reports have placed Bitcoin’s power consumption higher than in many developed countries. Even with an estimated 56% of miners using green energy, it’s still a major draw on resources.

Bitcoin was the world’s first cryptocurrency. As such, its main roles were to operate as a peer-to-peer cash system and to provide a store of value to users. Today’s blockchains offer much more including smart contract programmability and other features that help make new projects resilient against future developments.

META 1 Coin Arrives

Recognizing the obvious shortcomings of early cryptocurrencies, the developers behind the META 1 Coin wanted to bring something truly unique to the market. Their concept was an all-inclusive DeFi ecosystem, DEX, and stable coin. This combination of features makes it easy for regular users to store value and improve their ROIs. Here’s how META 1 takes Bitcoin’s concept and takes it up a notch in all categories.

A Better Option

The META 1 project combines Bitcoin’s mission with the most advanced DeFi options available today. The protocol provides a variety of low-risk passive income streams. Users can secure returns without the risk of losing their current holdings.

Take Control of Your Financial Future

One of the most important decisions a person can make is how to save and create long-term wealth. For those who are limited in their resources, more creativity is required. Until recently, this was a huge limitation as most passive income streams required funding or unique talent.

META 1 users come in all shapes and sizes. They are bound together by a common desire to make the world a better place. The META 1 community seeks to empower users and demonstrate that the people need a currency built by and for them.

The META Blockchain

The META1 Coin wouldn’t be possible without the advanced META blockchain. The META blockchain is a fourth-generation programmable network that is capable of processing transactions on par with VISA and PayPal. This level of scalability was required to ensure the network could handle rapid adoption.

To achieve such throughput, the META blockchain integrates a variant of the DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism. This system improves scalability because it doesn’t need thousands of nodes to confirm a transaction. Instead, community elected nodes called witnesses approve transactions which results in much faster performance.


This approach also reduces the network’s carbon footprint. Unlike early networks that utilized special nodes called miners to validate transactions, META leverages special nodes called witnesses. This strategy eliminates the power-hungry mathematical equations found in PoW systems like Bitcoin.

Better for the Community

DPoS networks are more democratic because there are fewer roadblocks to adoption. For example, anyone can delegate their tokens to validators called witnesses to secure returns. There is no need to purchase expensive mining rigs or high-speed internet.

Eliminating the mining requirement also gets rid of the technical barriers to crypto blockchain participation. All DPoS network users need is a network wallet. The process is simpler and enables everyone to prosper rather than just a lucky node.

It Starts With Onboarding

META 1′s developers wanted to take this simplistic approach across the entire network. To that extent, they integrated the Onramper portal. This flexible fiat to crypto onramp streamlines the entire process. The protocol is available in over 150 countries and it enables anyone to convert +50 fiat currencies directly into META 1 Coins in seconds.

New traders gain a lot from this integration. In the past, DeFi protocols lacked any fiat to crypto onramps. This structure meant that you needed to rely on a centralized exchange to first convert your fiat into crypto.

Sadly this requirement meant that you would need to register for a CEX. This step required you to provide a third party with your personal data. Whenever you send your personal information to another group, you open yourself up for future identity theft due to data breaches.

META DEX users avoid these issues because the network was built with your privacy and liberty in mind. The network enables you to connect your wallet to start securing returns today. The network has gone as far as to locate its operations outside the jurisdiction of centralized regulators to further protect your privacy and prevent outside influence from centralized financial groups.


The META blockchain powers the META DEX. The DEX plays a vital role in onboarding and providing liquidity to the METANOMICS universe. DEXs are a popular option among traders today due to their low fees and non-custodial attributes. Unlike centralized exchanges that require you to allow them to have custody of your tokens, the META DEX trades your tokens directly from your wallet.

This approach is better for the trader because it ensures they always have access to their tokens. For centralized exchange users, it’s common for network disturbances to leave you separated from your crypto at times. Sadly, if these times occur during market volatility, you are going to take some losses.

Also, centralized exchanges make tempting targets for hackers since they hold large amounts of users’ crypto. History has shown that there is no guarantee that you will get stolen crypto back. The internet is filled with horror stories of traders losing their entire portfolios due to a CEX hack.

Open Enrollment

The METANOMICs ecosystem was designed to provide financial services to the global community. The network provides open enrollment. It never costs anything to join the METNOMICs movement. There are a variety of low-risk high-yield DeFi features that enable anyone to generate wealth.

 It Starts with Stability

One of the main concerns that META 1 Coin‘s founder, Robert P. Dunlap, wanted to avoid was volatility. Volatility can hurt new crypto users. As such, it raises the anxiety level of investors and businesses seeking to interact with the digital economy. To reduce this concern, the network’s developers integrated a next-generation stablecoin that is unlike any token before it.

META 1 Coin

The META 1 Coin differs from other stablecoins in multiple ways. For one, it’s not pegged to deflationary fiat currency. Instead, the token derives value from gold-based assets. These assets appreciate over time which drives the value of META1 up.

Since the token doesn’t strictly dependent on the value of gold to remain profitable, it’s better equipped to handle sudden drops in gold value when compared to traditional gold pegged coins such as TetherGold.

The People’s Coin

The META 1 stablecoin has some built-in protections that help keep the network decentralized and fair. For one, you have to prove that you are an individual before you can acquire META 1 coins. The developers restrict these coins from governments, businesses, and investment firms for a couple of reasons.

These large investors are notorious for conducting token pumps and dumps. A basic pump and dump scheme works by large investors buying a certain token to drive the price higher. Once the token starts to gain momentum, and the attention of the rest of the market, the investor will suddenly sell all of their tokens to new investors entering the market. These large-scale sell-offs wreak havoc on the token’s value. In the end, the late investors suffer.

META 1 protects against this scenario in multiple ways. Aside from the human-only clause, there is a value protection protocol. This smart contract ensures that token holders can only sell their tokens for asset value.

To accomplish this task, the system maintains a constant watch on the META 1 token’s value via oracles. Oracles are off-chain sensors that can communicate data to and from blockchain networks. They are a crucial component of the DeFi ecosystem.


Regular META 1 Coin holders can expand their holdings and earn rewards through network participation. You can do your part to help secure the network via the DeFi staking protocol. Staking is the best way for new users to obtain consistent ROIs with low risk. It involves locking your META 1 coins into a smart contract for a preset time. Your rewards are based on the number of tokens you lock.


META 1 Coin users can ditch the old financial system and still enjoy familiar features such as savings accounts. However, since there are no greedy central bankers to tax your holdings, you can secure ROIs many times higher than what any bank pays. Your bank pays you .03% on your fiat deposits. META1 Coin holders earn 10% APY just for saving their tokens on the network.

Compounding Returns

One of the biggest advantages of the META VAULT is the compounding returns. A user can leave their savings in the META VAULT to secure 10% APY. These rewards are paid out in META 1 Coins that are automatically deposited in the VUALT account.

Over time, these compounding returns can generate healthy returns that dwarf anything you would have received from a fiat currency account. Additionally, you also secure ROIs from the appreciation that META 1 Coins enjoy.

Fight Inflation

META 1 isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it’s a create wealth consistent strategy. The token eliminates volatility and provides savers with a powerful tool to avoid inflation. Inflation is a loss of buying power and it’s a major concern for people at the moment.

The inflation level is at a 40-year high in the US. This inflation caused the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates as a way to curb consumer spending which should drop demand for products and lower costs. However, rising interest rates mean that it cost more to borrow money for everything.

Tested and Passed

The token recently had its concept put to the test during the latest market correction. The market has seen coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum lose 60% from their all-time high. This last month has seen major corrections of +30% on almost every project. Even popular stablecoins began to lose their peg with some failing.

During this chaos, META 1 stood strong. The token retained its stability during the crash. It even saw a slight increase in value of 1.35% this month. These results confirm that META 1 is a valid safehaven token that provides users with a way to escape inflation.


New users can find spending their crypto to be a hassle. Even as the number of vendors that accept crypto and payment processors grow, the market is still lacking major support for decentralized currencies. It’s unlikely you can go to your gas station and pay for products with crypto.

META 1 recognized this limitation and decided to do something about it. The project partnered with VISA to offer a crypto debit card to users. This protocol converts your META 1 coins to fiat currency when you swipe your card. The process is quick and easy.

The vendor receives fiat currency so they are unaware that you even used a crypto debit card to make payment. This feature adds a lot to the network because it opens the door for users to enjoy their returns. 

METANOMICs in Action

The entire META1 Coin project is revolutionary in many ways. Users gain access to powerful and advanced revenue-generating strategies that are exclusive to the platform. Additionally, volatility concerns have been reduced due to the architecture of the stablecoin. For these reasons, you can expect to hear a lot more from this project in the coming weeks.

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